Gemini 2020 horoscope

The mutable-air sign. Rules the 3rd house. Ruled by Mercury. Gemini explores the world with its mind and communicates and shares the things it sees and learns. It is expansive, fast moving and expressive. It’s purpose to the zodiac is to expand our horizons through our thoughts.

It is friendly, communicative and light hearted at its best. Weaknesses include: Nervous tension, fickleness, inability to focus and tendency to skim the surface of things and miss their depths.

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Gemini Horoscope 2020 predicts : The first week of January  finds you mopping up from last year; recent commitments continue to experience some growing pains.

Your heart lightens by the 22nd, when love settles in to a welcome, easy routine.

If you’re a Gemini looking for love, look especially hard in February ; see and be seen, but keep your standards high. If you’re already coupled up, don’t get so caught up in the social whirl that you lose your connection. Fun is good; just make some of the fun private.

Your head is clear, but your heart may be singing distracting little ditties to celebrate spring. If a long-term relationship turns into a power struggle, be willing to lose some ground. You’ll reach a compromise by April 21st, and make sure to do so gracefully, with no secret grudges.

The Gemin zodiac predictions forecasts that singles geminis may be caught up in a frustrating exchange that consistently leaves you with the short end of the stick. Stand up for yourself and don’t take no for an answer. By May 21st 2020, all the answers to all the questions are in your favor. Revel in romance and treat yourself as often as possible.

July brings frequent passionate moments in every relationship — it’s not just the nights that were made for love. You want to disappear from the world, but unfortunately, the world demands your attention in August. New relationships may hit a speed bump when work calls you away for extended periods.

Long-term sweeties understand and sympathize — and will happily celebrate your new successes in early August 2020. Escape when you can, even if it’s just for a weekend. Hole up together and unplug the phone.

Through October 20th, you find yourself looking for fun and feeling groovy. Lovers will appreciate your lighthearted attitude, but don’t use humor to hide your heart’s desires. Early November  brings a time of self-discovery.

Creative urges may pull you away from your sweetheart, while singletons may be drawn to seriously artistic types. Find the strength to see these interests through to the end, even if they’re something of a strain.

December 2020 is a celebration from start to finish; present your love with your heart on a silver platter.


Maybe the holidays were good, but they didn’t erase the concerns that still face you in January. You’re adjusting to workplace changes or undesirable duties.

By the 21st, you can handle any tricky business ethics with aplomb. And while you try not to mix business with pleasure, someone has more than professional Valentine’s Day ideas about you. All players receive a bracing dose of reality on February 20th. Your project might even thrive in an illusion-free climate after March 7th.

It all comes together for you in spring. Starting in late March, airtight credentials and glowing references precede you. In early April 2020, you sink your teeth into juicy new projects. You could hook up with surprising new talent around the 19th, quickening the pace nicely up to the 30th.

People respect your authority throughout May, leading to a promotion or beneficial transfer of power by the 21st. As the rising star that always knows what to do, you shine even brighter between June 10th and 21st.

Starting June 29th, appearances are critical, whether you’re appealing to the public or some internal hierarchy. Do some mentoring or pro bono work by July 23rd. You’ll spend the next month pushing your agenda uphill.

Keep your working relationships unruffled, especially after mid-August — you can’t afford to lose any goodwill. Some of the best-laid plans go off the rails by Labor Day. Maybe you reached a little too far. Is this a setback? Probably. Is it the end of the world? Absolutely not.

Your window for damage control falls neatly between September 23rd and October 24th. Don’t tempt fate on the 14th and 28th, even when the solution seems to be completely obvious. Creatives take control around Halloween, which could mean that the proverbial clowns are running the circus.

After November 8th, you have a better grip on how much to risk. All change is good between now and winter solstice — then try to take a little vacation and reinvest in some good deeds. Only so much is possible between the holidays.