Leo 2020 horoscope

The fixed-fire sign. Rules the 5th house. Ruled by the sun. Leos are the zodiacs noble leaders and fully understand the need for healthy ego in our world. They are extravagant, luxurious and protective of those they love.

They contain a warmth and love for life fueled by their ruling planet, the sun. Theirs is a world of drama and regaleness and they are capable of extreme passions within love. Leos are amazingly tolerant of their loved ones but when they are hurt it is very hard for them to forgive and forget. Weaknesses include: Egotism, self centeredness, lack of compassion and materialism.


Leo 2020 love horoscope predicts  : the start of a new year is generally a time of change, but you’re holding steady and you’re happy that way.

Singles are especially wary of new relationships — it might be for fear of new injury, or it might be reasonable caution. By the end of January, couples are going in search of new thrills.

Make sure they’re the sort that lead to greater closeness instead of jealousy. February through mid-March 2020 is one giant balancing act.

You do a fine job of walking romantic tightropes, but rein in your inner clown and understand that behavior — both good and bad — always has consequences.

Your  horoscope forecasts thaht your dignity makes a comeback around March 30th, leading you to explore sources of quiet happiness instead of the raucousness of previous weeks. In relationships, this leads to nesting; your friends might complain about your disappearance, but you’re too busy smooching to care.

April 2020 will find singles investing energy in unusual people. Sometimes, silk purses and sow ears are indistinguishable at first glance. The end of May brings sweetness and light all around. You’ve earned it, so celebrate in style.

Tummer takes that sweetness and cranks it up on a hot grill. Lovers may be simply dazzled with their intense feelings, while those looking for love will be positively irresistible.

Between June 30th and July 14th, let freedom ring. Singles shouldn’t tie themselves down, and couples may want to explore independent interests.

July 23rd is a showstopper, and you’re headlining; your charms get rave reviews from all viewers. The last weeks of summer find you feeling unusually moody. Expect support from your loved ones, but don’t demand unattainable perfection.

September has you looking for love in all the wrong places, and things may build to an unpleasant encounter in early October 2020. Relationships will either sizzle or fizzle by October 25th, depending mainly on how much you have invested already and how seriously you take the whole ‘for better for worse’ concept.

Whatever the results, November  finds you in a nostalgic mood and ready to give plenty of heartfelt thanks. As winter kicks into high gear, so do your emotions. Channel them towards the greater good, and leave old issues behind as you move forward.


In January, heed your gut feelings about trends of the past two months. Forward movement may be impractical in the New Year’s first week, but don’t write inertia into your official policy. Choose teams and allies after the 6th, because events will force your hand on the 21st.

You have to be ready to bring it when prep time is impossible. Impress clients with spontaneity until projects enter the next phase on February 21st, but remember that consistency is critical. Your boss or a mentor is making sense by March 7th, so start listening.

From March 21st through April 18th, you know who your friends are — and who funds you. Responsibility keeps everyone honest. Revise the mission statement. On the 19th, the haves start shaking out the have-nots, and by the 30th you’ve got to work for what you earn.

This is actually a good thing. Dealing with larger entities feels right after May 5th. Develop a healthy understanding of the bottom line by the 21st. Reject unrealistic proposals after June 10th to spend the next few months on the fast track.

Around June 22nd, you recall your instincts from early January, but now you can use that information. If you decline a better offer after the 29th, it’s because you’ll work with what you have. Starting July 23rd, your career kicks into overdrive.

New evidence supports your pet theory and you’ve definitely got the edge. If allies sell each other out between August 10th and September 2nd, it’s all part of the game. Labor Day weekend brings welcome rest from the madness.

Things will be good after this, but not the same; head up a giving committee or volunteer drive to keep the karmic flow going.

After September 23rd, negotiate rather than dominating. A compromise on October 14th sets the stage for a welcome payback on the 28th from an associate who doesn’t necessarily owe you any favors. Polish your apples for performance reviews that happen after November 8th.

The second half of the month is a boom time for business and a renaissance for professional relationships. At least you’ll know more about the person who decides to withhold their support in early December 2020, but don’t take it personally — it’s the holidays.