Pisces 2020 horoscope

The mutable-water sign. Rules the 12th house. Ruled by Neptune. Pisces reside in a realm which is sub-surface, ethereal and emotional. The things they feel and see and assimilate are dreamy, nebulous and full of psychic imprints and energy.

Their purpose in the zodiac is to lead us into the inner realms and outer universe. They see and hear things the rest of us cannot tune into and gently feed their knowledge out into the world. Weaknesses include: Inability to follow own path, deep insecurity, clinginess and neediness, psychic disturbances picked up from the environment.


Pisces 2020 love horoscopre predicts : you spin slowly and steadily into the year 2020, with your romantic resolutions combining dreams with pragmatism. When you decided what your goals were, you were careful to include only those things you knew how to get.

The best way to get started is to talk, whether it’s a long conversation with your sweetheart or getting up the courage to approach your crush. Valentine’s Day 2020 brings gentle satisfaction, but may be followed with a surge of surprising jealousy.

By March 2nd 2020, relationships are back in gear and you’re ready to move forward.

March goes out like a lion — exciting, glamorous and thrillingly unpredictable. Your romantic achievements will boost you right into April, when those in lasting relationships will feel ready to tackle big joint projects and deeper commitments.

The horoscope predicts that singles Pisces should demand attention from those they desire — don’t be a shrinking violet. Keep the spotlight on you and light up your own life by steadily pursuing your desires. If you’re ready to take a backseat around May 15th 2020, it’s a good time to do it.

Your focus changes from the social to the spiritual on May 23rd. You’ll draw your partner into your inner conflicts around June 15th, which may only make things more complex. Keep your head above water and be each other’s life preservers.

Singles Pisces are craving commitment, but don’t dive into a less than ideal relationship to satisfy the urge. By the 21st, energies are flowing smoothly and you see your way into a happier state. July is sweet and romantic, filled with a surprising gentleness and comforting sensitivity.

Prepare for a heavy scene in August that may pull you away from your lover.

September 2nd  brings a refreshing breeze that blows away any lingering anger or hurt feelings. Your sweetie may have plenty to get off their chest: Listen, learn and cooperate as well as you can. Halloween should start the social season off with a roar, and singles should expect romance from a surprising, exotic sector.

Let others plan the big holiday events while you sit back and hold hands with your honey. The last weeks of the year contain more beginnings than endings.


You begin the New Year with a five-month run of sound decisions or good luck — just don’t forget to share the wealth. Enter January in the black with a long list of glowing testimonials. Any mistakes made through the 21st just add to your reservoir of experience.

People in this industry genuinely like you, and there’s nothing devious about that mid-February Valentine from your competitor, either.

Starting on the 20th, you’re in an amazing upward spiral. Hardheaded practicality feeds your success after March 7th. Even dreamers like you can be experts in their fields.

Leaders and administrators become objects of personality cults as April begins. You’re too smart to exploit those who serve you, but you catch yourself delegating more responsibility around the 20th. Maybe you should take a vacation before it all hits the fan late in May.

You’ll see the first warning signs of fatigue or rebellion after the 17th, and starting on the 21st, it’s time to earn your keep around here. If your attention wavers by June 10th, it’s because you see possibilities just around the corner.

Image is everything after June 22nd. By the 29th, your fascination with appearance goes beyond the superficial; public perception is critical. Late July’s policy changes impact a formerly privileged sector. You could spend the next few weeks fighting or defending this.

Lower priority work starts piling up after August 10th. The tail wags the dog between August 23rd and September 2nd. You’re at the mercy of whatever project captures you, which might not be such a bad thing. See where it goes.

If you’re still waiting after September 23rd, back burner this whole thing.

Heroes and mentors show their true and not so complimentary colors on October 14th. By the 24th you resume the thread you had to drop last spring; you don’t mind technology upgrades or that the market has changed. If you’re out of your depth or beyond your means, you’ll know on the 22nd.

Step lightly around the creditors or hostile attorneys that might darken your door in December; you won’t have to worry about them after winter solstice.