Sagittarius 2020 horoscope

The mutable-fire sign. Rules the 9th house. Ruled by Jupiter. Sagittarius expands our inner horizons and leads us towards enlightened spiritualities and philosophies. As with all the fire signs there is a great love of life and the need to experience and learn.

They joyfully share their experiences out in the world and keep us laughing and amused with their escapades. This is one of the most endearing signs of the zodiac and we often overlook their weaknesses even when they infuriate us. Weaknesses include: Self centeredness, fickleness, a barbed and sharpened tongue, inability to settle down.


Sagittarius 2020 love horoscope predicts : your two speeds are charging ahead and totally immobile. Try to find a balance; the first three weeks will go easier with your loved ones if you manage a steady pace.

After the 21st, and continuing straight through Valentine’s Day , your high energy pays off. Singles may not meet their dream date but will have an awful lot of fun anyway.

If you have a partner, go out of your way to be generous and loving. You know you’re needed, so spring into action and supply all the support they ask for. In early March 2020, look for them to return the favor.

Smell all the roses (or tulips) you can through April  — you may finally learn that fun and responsibility aren’t mutually exclusive. If spring finds you looking for love, steer yourself toward kind people who are free of heavy entanglements, or you may be caught up in an unhappy situation in early May 2020.

Family obligations bring more than their usual joys and annoyances between May 18th and June 22nd. Try to love the one you’re with — and refrain from complaining about the one you’re without.

Your horoscope forecasts that the first week in July may find you the focus of someone else’s high expectations. If this is a new relationship, don’t struggle to hold things together only because you don’t see any other prospects; by July 23rd, you’re beating them off with a stick.

Lasting couples may have an odd bout with jealousy as summer heats up, but you’ll cool down long before the weather does. August 2020 should be plenty of pleasure and excitement. Try to hide away for at least a long weekend and enjoy nothing except each other’s company.

By the third week of September, your sense of humor collects admirers and renews old friendships; your lover falls for your charms all over again. At the end of October, singles may hear from an old flame hoping to get things started in a new direction.

Don’t leap to a decision — in fact, your heart may be an unknown quantity until November 11th, when you’ll force yourself to choose.

Whatever you decide, the end of the month brings peace and goodwill to all, which continues straight up through the end of the year.


As your business year begins, you encounter limits. Dependable allies suddenly make other arrangements between January 3rd and 6th. You’re surprised but far from helpless. By the 21st, you know where to turn for new funding or support.

You can sell anything to anyone; indeed, you corner the market for most of February . But after the 20th, projected revenues diverge from the bottom line.

Follow the actual money, and by the second week of March everything will be clear. Your pitch is more on target than ever.

Your catch improves, too. After March 24th you can read the subtext of the agenda of administrators and competitors. Reveal only what you must between April 6th and 30th. The truth cuts both ways, especially with the lowballing and downsizing that might begin on the 19th.

Rise above the turbulence without rising to the bait. Starting May 5th and accelerating after the 17th, you gain access to a new set of opportunities. Handle clients’ assets with care between June 10th and 21st — they trust you for a reason.

Schedule company picnics and other social events for the last week of June, when no one feels like working anyway. Launch possible career-advancing initiatives after July 23rd, but understand that the stakes are high. Desire or necessity might even move you to consider a different kind of livelihood by August 10th 2020.

Ripples and repercussions rock your professional world between the 23rd and September 2nd. Be ready for spontaneous lunch dates with important people; you never know who’s about to make an offer.

In autumn, you’re golden. Negotiations run smoothly after September 23rd. Hand out favors on October 14th; payback will roll in as soon as the 24th. Old business takes on rich entrepreneurial dimensions between November 8th and 11th, and by the 22nd you harvest the fruits of your labor like never before.

Compensate yourself with a little extra on the 30th, and initiate a giving campaign, too. Unscrupulous colleagues and deadbeat vendors fall into line after December 20th. A healthy professional community at the holidays is the ultimate workplace gift.