Scorpio 2020 horoscope

The fixed-water sign. Rules the 8th house. Ruled by Pluto-co-ruled by Mars. Scorpio is often the most feared sign of the zodiac as it is their job to look into the shadows and murky depths the rest of us fear.

Their nature is intense, deeply intuitive and they possess an uncanny ability to see the truth in all matters. They are incredibly emotional beings and their notorious sting is actually a protective mechanism. No other sign can fly as high as an enlightened Scorpio, and no other sign can reach equally profound depths. Weaknesses include: Insecurity, jealousy, possessiveness, explosive anger, power-plays.


Starting over is something you excel at, but you’re not so big on following the herd. So what if everyone’s got resolutions?

You’ve got the will to make them actually happen. Explore new horizons with your lover or go solo if you’re single — and keep exploring until you’re satisfied. By Valentine’s Day , you’re ready to let the dust settle. Charm your way into their heart with your ability to make them feel totally unique.

Scorpio 2020  horoscope  advices : if you’ve started a new relationship, hold off on commitment until March , when the balance of idealism and pragmatism allows you to see the situation in a crystal clear light.

You’ve still got the itch towards self-improvement as spring rolls in, but if your partner isn’t inclined, don’t force the issue.

Be gentle on yourself through April: Everyone makes mistakes and this one won’t be the last.

By May 2nd , singles Scorpio natives will have new confidence in their desires and be ready to light a few fires with smoldering glances. Don’t limit yourself to just one.

If you’ve got a partner, plan on some complicated dance steps around the 21st. Don’t get all paranoid, but do investigate the situation.

A month later, passions heat up right along with the temperatures. Singles may fall head over heels, while couples may fall right into the bedroom — neither will see much of friends or family until after July 30th. Your idealism surges in August.

Your horoscope forecasts that by the 24th, the difference between your dreams and your reality may send you crashing to earth, but the rebound will carry you right back up to the moon.

Around September 20th, couples will take to nesting with serious intent; work together and be generous with compromises. Singles scorpio natives may dive into their careers and find love hiding under the in-box — use your talents at stealth to keep the romance quiet until it seems sturdy.

That may not happen until close to Thanksgiving 2020, but you’ll enjoy the secretiveness as much as the love. Your holidays will be thoughtful; family connections feel like gravy on your philosophical turkey. Spend the season surrounded with all your loved ones instead of holing up as a couple.

The more the merrier, all the way to the end of the year.


Be 100 percent professional in January. Whether your department is on the block or you’re about to ascend the food chain, someone is watching. Despite your hopes and dreams, the 21st could bring something very different.

Throughout most of February 2020, mouth the party line instead of saying what you think — the walls have ears and gossip moves at light speed.

You’re back in your element by the 20th, although by March 7th you’ve got to live up to new expectations. You’re too relieved to worry.

From March 21st to May 20th, you’re near the top of your game but stretched a bit too thin. Jot down some notes and hope they’ll make sense later.

Be attentive when revelation or confusion rocks your industry on April 19th; there’s much to learn here, and by May 5th you’re expected to use it.

Allies retreat so quickly that you seem to be suddenly all alone. After June 10th, you try out the things that your elders and betters always told you not to do.

Starting June 22nd, you put more personality into your work, and everyone benefits from what you produce during the next few weeks. Type As, headhunters and kingmakers push their way forward after July 23rd. The more connections you have, the closer you are to the seat of power.

By August 10th 2020, you’re either at your best or worst. Good PR, including some conspicuous giving or pro bono work, is key now. Profits, image, esteem or all of the above expand noticeably between the 23rd and 30th. From here on out, you’re running the show.

By the end of September, you assemble a team that follows your vision while bringing its own good ideas. Check in with a mentor by mid-October, because after the 24th it’s about you, your potential and the industry myths that grow up around you.

After November 8th, you might be supplying future enemies with ammunition, but you can’t worry about it.

By the 22nd, you cut a swathe through standard practice and conventional expectations. Thanks to what you set in motion, your sphere might never be the same again.