Taurus 2020 horoscope

Fixed-Earth Sign. Rules the 2nd house. Ruled by Venus.
Taurus is stable, strong and protects the pastures found by Aries.

Being Venus ruled it is a passionate sign and enjoys the material bounties of our world and seeks to keep them safe. Taurus is dedicated and loyal. Weaknesses include: Extreme stubbornness, being unable to bend, materialism and possessiveness.


Taurus  horoscope 2020 predicts : Your resolutions are in place and you hit the New Year running — hopefully, it’s toward better relationships and away from anyone harmful.

Whatever direction you’re headed, love hits a major stumbling block early on, and you have some seriously injured feelings in the third week of the year. Work it out with your partner or ditch your date and seek support from your friends; either way, you’re headed for a sweet 2020 Valentine’s Day .

Long-term romances reach a new understanding that gets even better through March , while singles Taurus get started on something passionate around the end of February.

Winter’s roller coaster turns into a merry-go-round in spring. April is the kindest month with Taurus, spreading love that gets brighter every day. The 8th through the 18th are rejuvenating, emphasizing that love should be more play than work.

Don’t share yourselves with a crowd; couples will be too involved in each other for much interaction with others.

The horoscope forecasts that singles Aries can look forward to May 2020, when some intellectual challenges lead to a welcome romantic interlude.

Ask your pals for a rain check and snuggle up with your new cutie.

The end of June  may see couples needing to expand their horizons, which means adding a few new faces into your circle. Don’t let possessiveness get the better of you in July 2020, but do demand kind reassurance and appropriate behavior from your lover.

Flighty singletons who’ve been playing all summer may be inclined to settle down in August , but don’t settle for anything less than great.

New relationships may have difficulties between the 9th and 20th, but issues reach a quick, positive resolution and lead to an especially sweet interlude.

Pull a sweater around your heart if romance turns chilly in early autumn — it’s up to you to nurture yourself.

Halloween clears up the mystery and adds a sexy dash that becomes more intense than you expected after your dry spell.

Romantic energies flow deeply from November 15th through the 27th; can you plan a candlelit turkey dinner for two? December 2020 carries out the promises, bringing a sensuously luscious end to the year.


Recognize a positive trend in January, and move forward fast while others are still lollygagging around the holidays.

Act like you know what you’re doing (it’ll be convincing). Build momentum to carry you through a crisis of confidence that might affect your work on the 21st and linger through February 19th.

If superiors or subordinates are counting on you, it’s the wrong time to show weakness. The 20th reverses any downward spiral. Enjoy two weeks of irrational exuberance, including the bonus of Leap Day. By March 7th, it’s back to business.

You’re flying high toward the end of March. Self-employed people volunteer time and others initiate giving for a good cause in early April.

Then you’re the power behind the throne and the brains behind an amazing coup on the 19th and 20th. From here, expect a month of supportive clients and validation of the ideas that brought everyone together in the first place.

Negotiators and specialists strengthen your position after May 17th, letting you relax and enjoy the ride.

Rethink an important policy by June 10th so that you won’t have to keep explaining it.

Teamwork matters as the second quarter closes. Starting June 22nd, you make everyone comfortable, and by the 29th you’re monitoring every angle. At first there’s nothing wrong with this, but ease up on micromanagement after July 23rd.

The first three weeks of August 2020 will make or break struggling start-ups or new ideas.

Make your opinions known before the 30th, when a well-oiled machine takes on a life of its own. Give those senior to you some props around mid-September — you owe them a lot.

While autumn isn’t always your strong season, the potential this year is huge. Between October 14th and 28th, you can use inside knowledge while going with your gut. Some of this is pure process, but it’s about accumulated experience, too.

Make your way through November with all pertinent records and info firmly in hand.

The intense rivalry between competitors that begins after Thanksgiving might end in a merger by winter solstice. You may even begin next year with your ideal job. Be proactive: What better gift could you give yourself?