Virgo 2020 horoscope

The Mutable-earth sign. Rules the 6th house. Ruled by Mercury..Virgo rules over our health and the details needed to progress within life.

It is one of the most misunderstood and underrated signs in the zodiac and that is in keeping with its extreme self sacrificial nature. Virgo is a hard worker willingly taking on the burdens others ignore. It is a healer and a compassionate giver and is concerned with the tiniest details of life.

Weaknesses include: Coldness, pettiness, hyper-analytical tendencies and hypochondria.


Virgo 2020 love horoscope advices : patience is a virtue — and you are one virtuous person. Hold steady as long as you can and ignore the official start of the year; your personal new beginning pops up right around  Valentine’s Day .

You don’t have to stick it out with a ‘love the one you’re with’ attitude, but your head and heart may be unusually muddled, preventing your typically quick ‘n’ clean decisions.

Singles should keep an alert eye out for someone special in the early weeks of March 2020; those who already have partners can expect some serious candlelit romance around the same time period.

Early April is a great time to attend to the details of relationships — or relationship hunting.

Your horoscope forecasts that you should plan a romantic vacation for two, or create a plan to reach out to your secret crush. New relationships may feel more frustrating than they’re worth.

Are they always this scatterbrained, or is it only a temporary defect? Don’t lock yourself down when the party’s going on all around you; from mid-May through June 12th, you can be as much of a social butterfly as you choose. Take care that your long-term sweetie doesn’t feel neglected amidst the whirl.

The month of July is about freedom and celebration. Explore new territory and make new friends — and make sure to stretch the borders of lasting relationships to keep them feeling fresh and exciting.

August is even better. You’re on top of your game and charming people left and right. The challenge through September 2020 is a happy one: How can you best incorporate these changes into your old routine?

For singles, the new change you’ll be incorporating may be a ‘who,’ not a ‘what.’ Don’t neglect your friends in favor of your new squeeze; you know you’ll count on them for help sooner or later.

Early autumn sees your own life calm down, just as interesting (or difficult) situations arrive for your loved ones. Use your recently refreshed energies to supply the generous support they’ll need.

The holiday season kicks you back into the social scene. Step out of your normally reserved style — put on your favorite clothes and sparkle up the town for a few weeks. You’ll reach the upcoming year ready for a fast start.


The New Year brings job security, new assets or renewed confidence in the system. Between January 6th and 20th, you might even take a few risks, but after the 21st you may experience some repercussions. Big promises become shaky deals in February.

Your commitment is admirable even if you’re out of your depth. Influential mentors or future employers show interest around the 20th, and those seeking understandable models find one by March 7th. Grab on and don’t let go.

Starting March 21st, teamwork is difficult or undesirable — maybe you just don’t feel like explaining what you’re doing. If upper management grants more personal autonomy around April 5th, take it and run with it. HR issues morph into assets after the 19th.

Enjoy industry-wide communication and cooperation through May 17th. After this, you must honor debts and deadlines.

References and paper trails will be subject to intense scrutiny through the third week in June, and the last thing you need is a low blow to bring you down from your high horse.

Business booms after June 22nd. Personal fortunes blossom during long summer days. Explore options from the benefits plan. Starting July 23rd, there might be a few solar flares of ego and entitlement, but much of August 2020 promises to be an excellent time for getting comfortable with a team or developing new business.

Principles and practice align beautifully during that month’s final week. Revolutionary thinking finds mainstream applications. By September 2nd, you’re selling to those who weren’t going to buy. It’s a heady moment in your career; mark it with a pro bono project.

If the numbers taper off between September 22nd and October 24th, you can absorb the lull, and this is prime time to come up with something new. Image and illusion come together around Halloween, when everybody expects a few tricks with their treats.

Year-end vacation scheduling begins to disrupt things around November 22nd. Deal gracefully with any slowdowns between the 30th and December 20th. In spite of any distractions, you’ll easily make your goals in the days between winter solstice and the New Year.